Friday, October 2, 2015

Action in the midst of a cool night

Sometimes, I look out on my weekends, and I see nothing. I only see the week ahead. The type of friends to invite me out are all thousands of miles away. Because I went through something tough my first year of law school, I have had less than few great friends. Now, they are all 6 hours away.

I'm trying to build up something new in Boise, but sometimes it feels near impossible. I work and study and then work some more.

But the only path is forward. I shall go out and endeavor to meet a few of those Boise souls. Tonight, the open door lets the fresh night air in, and I long for the open street, a conversation with a friend/or anybody, and a little sense of adventure. So here I go. A night bike ride downtown where I can get a beer and maybe a conversation.

- 'Tis the weather that greets my soul with a smooth caress, grips my heart fitting it with a squeeze - and I long again for sweet love.

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